August 6 2011

Showing Off

Just for the Girls


I’m so pretty, see

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8 Responses to “Showing Off”

  1. Charles says:

    What a showoff

  2. munford says:

    Gee, how much more of this heat can we take? I know it is hot and dry where you are too. We are breaking all the old records for heat drought. It has been miserable here this summer. My electric bill is so high due to the ac has to run all the time. My unit gets a break at night and cycles on and off but no such thing during these 100 plus days. It is cranking constantly trying to keep us cool. I have set my thermostat to 79 which really feels cool because it is so hot outside. It is hot here at night too. Usually some where between 85F-88F is our low each night. I let the dog out Friday morning early at 4:00am and when I opened the back door to let her out it was like opening a door to a sauna. We are trying to conserve energy usuage as we certainly don’t want to get into rolling black outs. When we use our cold water it really is hot and warm water. I guess the ground is so hot that the pipes are bringing in hot water. I have been watering around our foundation but I can still tell that our house is shifting a little by the way the doorways and closet doors are shutting. Right now I am praying the slab doesn’t shift too much to cause a broken pipe in our slab. Boy! We really don’t need that expense right now with the high electric and water bills and our homeowners and car insurances all due at the same time.
    Take care and stay cool!!!
    What a scorcher of a summer we are having!

  3. Pootie says:

    GREAT shot!
    Munford – they say it may be the same next summer.

  4. munford says:

    OH NO!!!
    I had not heard that! I hope not. I won’t have a blade of grass left.
    Why do they think next summer will be a repeat?
    I better invest in a window unit air conditioner to put in the bedroom and just hibernate in there so I don’t have to cool the whole house with my central air if we are going to have another summer like this! The electricity bill and the water bill is out of sight right now.

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    It’s been really hot here as well but at least we’ve been getting rain and today we had two storms. One in the morning and another a couple of hours ago. I grumbled for a while but the more I hear what you, Munford, and Bob and Debbie are going through, I stopped complaining. I hope next year isn’t like this year has been.

  6. Databrokers says:

    It’s hotter than blue blazes and it continues to be so, today they are expecting 110. I hope for everyones sake it cools down soon. I’ll never spend another summer if I don’t have too. I’m afraid, the mountains is where I’ll be, come next summer or the coast. I should be able to leave here on the 17th but we have decided to stay longer. i want to put new tires on the RV before leaving in such extreme hot weather. The original tires that came with the RV were not the best.

  7. Pootie says:

    Bob – where are you guys heading next?
    Did you get your new ‘eyes’ yet?

  8. Databrokers says:

    We would like to winter over in the high desert of California. Yucca Valley and from there we would like to continue up the coast of northern California. Then on up to Oregon and Washington. The eyes are suppose to be in today, I’ll have to wait until noon and call and see if it’s for sure. Still, I’m going to sit still until we can afford to put new shoes on the old chuck wagon so to speak. Don’t want to throw a wheel on the trail.

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