July 21 2011

Muscogee Creek and Indian Health Services

I suppose one shouldn’t look a so called gift horse in the mouth.  I arrived here in April on the 17th.  Hoping I could get some medical services taken care of by my tribe and the Indian Health Service since I don’t have any other health coverage I can use.   I’ve seen a PA twice and a Dentist Twice in this time.  I’m suppose to be scheduled for some care at the Indian Hospital in Claremore  for a colonoscopy but I don’t know when yet.  I’ve yet to be able to see the optometrist for new glasses.  The new dentures are not ready as of yet.  I don’t mean to complain but this is beyond the scope of running on Indian time.

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  1. munford says:

    You are a brave man to use the Indian Hospital. Bless you!

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