May 30 2011

Humming Birds

Stopped in Mid Flight

3293-copy1.jpgAnother in the series of Humming Bird captures.  Please, tell me what you think of these photographs.

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5 Responses to “Humming Birds”

  1. Pootie says:

    Pretty great! Isn’t there somewhere you can
    submit them for a professional critique — maybe
    even for possible sale to the Audobon Society
    to be published?

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    They’re lovely. Not as crisp as the Blue Jays, but still lovely to see.

  3. deb says:

    Great pictures, Bob…new equipment? We have a family of quails and mourning doves at the bird feeder now. My love to Deb and Monkey…huggs

  4. munford says:

    Bob, your pictures are really fantastic! Like I told you long ago I do not see why you don’t sell them. They are beautiful! What a great photographer you are!

  5. Databrokers says:

    Oh you two, you guys are making my head swell. If you really knew how many pictures I throw away to get the very few I post. You wouldn’t think I’m such a great photographer. Nonetheless, thanks a bunch.

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