May 18 2011

Cardinal Behavior

Sharing Food

3065-copy1.jpgThis was the pair I posted about earlier in the odd behavior I was seeing.  Here is a shot of the male feeding the female some food and her accepting.  I don’t know if this is a nesting pair but I’ve never witnessed this type of behavior.  It’s kind of amazing in my humble opinion.  I wonder if it’s a type of bonding behavior.

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3 Responses to “Cardinal Behavior”

  1. munford says:

    Could it possibly be a grown babe that he still feeds once in a while just because it is his off-spring? I have never seen grown birds do this either.
    That bushy little red squirrel visited again, but when he saw me he broke and ran and was out of here pronto. He is wild and certainly not trusting like the rest of my little squirrels. I don’t know what that species of squirrel is doing in this area. I have never seen a red squirrel here before we had that storm several weeks ago. I don’t know if that species is making its way from east to west and into our area or some how just got misplaced. He has a crazy bushy hair-do, longer fur, and white fur mixed in with the fur on his underside. I did read on the internet where the red squirrels were not nearly as friendly as the species of little squirrels that are around here. I’m glad I have the friendly ones. They will let me sit down with them and talk to them on the patio. If I get up though all but one leaves the patio but stays in the yard to see what I am going to do. If I stand still or sit back down and begin talking to them they will all gather around me again. They are just darlings.

  2. rolaids says:

    hey db, i believe this is actually a courtship ritual

  3. Databrokers says:

    Thanks Rolaids, I’m posting a new picture today 05/23/11 of the bonding pair. Awesome bit of bird behavior to observe.

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