April 14 2011

The Lodge


Forever Home




6 Responses to “The Lodge”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    That’s a fabulous photograph, Bob.

  2. Charles says:

    You took your TEE PEE on the road with you ?

  3. Databrokers says:

    Hi Charles, No it’s a older picture Charles, I sold the lodge to a friend of mine. He’s the Chair or the past chair of the Midnight Sun Intertribal Powwow. It belongs there. It was always a important part of each event there. It’s way to big to bring on the road, the poles alone are over 30 feet.

  4. Charles says:

    Big Tee Pee

  5. Edof SoCal says:

    Did you keep the door panel with the grandkids’ handprints? Hopefully the new owners will take good care of it and let your adult Grandkids put their full grown hands next to their youthful handprints. Nice memories…..

  6. Databrokers says:

    Hi Ed, Yes we did keep the door panel. I’m sure the new owner is taking great care of it. It’s has been such part of all the Midnight Sun Intertribal Powwows since the second one. I’m glad it’s still there and being used during the event. Yes, hopefully it will still be there when the grandkid are grown.

    How’s things there in southern California, I hope all is well with you and yours?


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