April 10 2011

Doves on the Feeder

White Winged Doves

1805-copy1.jpgI haven’t had the chance to take any pictures here lately.  Working on trying to clean out some of the crap that we dragged all the way from Alaska.  I’ve got a tub of floppy disc to have shredded.  I suppose I could dig through it and get all the software disc and give them away but it’s not worth the time.  I don’t know anybody who may even want those old dos programs and such.  I’ve also replaced the kitchen sink faucet assembly with a new one.  The old one started leaking.  You can’t just buy a single faucet valve kit, you have to replace the whole assembly.  Planned in obsolescence I suppose.  Keeps the gears of industry greased and working.  I slowly whittling away at the storage lockers contents.  I just don’t have the ambition to really hit it hard.


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  1. Charles says:

    Nice picture well @ least when you make repairs on the mobile home it’s unlike repairs @ the Permafrost Ranch @ least your tools will work unlike when you tried to make repairs on the new oil burner @ -30 to -40 the tools locked up & you forgot about the outside mic & got a tad bit hot under the coller.I still laugh when I think about that,only because you forgot about the mic.NOT laughing about the temps or tools not working.

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    Some people are selling their “vintage” dos discs. Just two places I found:

    http://www.magalan.co.uk/dos.html (an English site)

    and http://www.oldsoftware.com/floppy.html (in the U.S.)

    Pretty dove.

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