March 29 2011

Blue Jays

I Love their Coloring

1707-copy1.jpgI just love these birds, I love their coloration and how they are just noisy as all get out.

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2 Responses to “Blue Jays”

  1. munford says:

    Oh, his coloring is just beautiful. They do have a loud call!
    I have a bluejay family here. They had babes last year and I guess they stuck around as I have about 5 who dart down and grab some seeds and take off fast. They don’t like to stay long on the feeder. They just make return trips. It doesn’t seem to bother the other birds that are eating. I have heard a lot of people say that bluejays are mean but I haven’t seen that here. Why do they say that? What do they do that some people don’t like?
    This picture is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Chad (omegaone37) says:

    Fun birds to watch… the blue though is not their real color! The pigment is actually brown but because of the structure of the cells, a light refraction or interference occurs and the blue color is perceived.

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