March 3 2011

What is It?

New Bird on the Block

IMG_1237-copy1.jpgYou have to tell me what it is?


Pretty Bird, what ever it is?  Ok you birders out there.  Go to work and do my research for me and tell what kind of bird is it?



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  1. Pete and Barb says:

    Check out the yellow-throated vireo on The adult description is
    Small songbird.
    Olive green upperparts.
    Bright yellow throat, breast, and eye spectacles.
    Belly and under tail white.
    Two white wingbars.

    Does that work? Barb

  2. Databrokers says:

    Hi Barb, Nope that’s not it. Completely different type of bill than the Vireo picture. This is a larger bird, more on the size of a small female Grackle, bigger than a Red
    Winged Blackbird. It was hanging out with the flock of Red Winged Black Birds and small female Grackles

  3. Starzz says:

    I would have to agree with Z on the ID of the bird. 🙂 Probably last years bird, going through the changes to adulthood.

  4. Pete and Barb says:

    Checked the female yellow-headed blackbird. Body dull black and brown. Breast and throat pale yellow. Yellow on neck, face, and above eye. White streaking extending from yellow into brown lower chest. Sounds like a better match. Barb

  5. nancy says:

    yellow headed blackbird juvenile or adult?

  6. munford says:

    I have no idea what kind of bird this is but I have a few of these in the flock of grackles that come here to eat. I just thought they were some kind of freak of nature but were grackles since they hang out with the huge grackle flock and feed here with them. The grackle flock they are in is huge. The often eat all my squirrel and dove bird food before I even see a squirrel or a dove. I tried scaring them off but then I told myself they couldn’t help they were grackles and many cities run them out due to businesses. I know they are hungry and need to eat, too, so I usually feed them first and the flock leaves my area until the next day. After they are gone the squirrels and the doves and other birds come and eat off and on all day. One young squirrel wanted to play with my dog today but I was afraid she would be too rough so I made the dog come in. I think that little squirrel was in a litter of 5 as usually when he comes to eat 4 other young squirrels are always with him. The other 4 however didn’t want any playing whatsoever with the dog.

  7. Z from Chicago says:

    Charles, when I had a back yard, there was a squirrel who lived there and would play with my cat. The cat wasn’t a tree-climber so the squirrel always had a place to escape. Both seemed to enjoy it.

  8. nancy says:

    looked at another guide…..looks alot like a female yellow headed blackbird….for sure!

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