February 28 2011

Flowers in the Clover

Flowers and Clover

DSC07987-copy1.jpgFlowers in the clover, very small flowers they may be but very very pretty.  I’m sitting here typing this at 5:48 in the morning. Outside the window here in Colonia Del Rey RV Park in Flower Bluff.  The crickets are just singing away.  You can hear the traffic from the street increasing as people begin their day going off to work.  It’s so strange to hear these insects at this time of the year, chirping away outside.  All those years in Alaska made one forget what music it really is to hear crickets in the grass.


3 Responses to “Flowers in the Clover”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    The leaves look like clover (maybe red clover?) but the flower is oxalis which has similar trefoil leaves but they’re more round and don’t have that fuzz on them.
    We don’t have any crickets here yet.

  2. Charles says:

    Bob all those years in Alaska can make one forget all those sights & sounds of God’s creations he made for our pleasure & enjoyment

  3. jack says:

    when i left Alaska…one of my stops was @ a state of IA tourism center…..I HEARD crickets for the 1st time in twenty -three years…and stood frozen ….the clerk shes said: “they’re driving me crazy, you can take them if you find ’em!’
    i just stood for a 1/2 hr enjoying em. She thot i was nuts…but, i hear you Bob!

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