January 31 2011

Red Birds

The Cardinal


Haven’t seen a lot of Cardinals on the feeder. ┬áNot as many as last year, it could be we are on the other side of the RV Park and there isn’t as much cover for them.


2 Responses to “Red Birds”

  1. Pootie says:

    He’s a pretty boy!
    We’ve got 1-4″ snow coming in tomorrow and Wed with temps
    dipping down to 11 degrees thru Friday. Wouldn’t those male
    cardinals look pretty against the backdrop of snowy foliage!

  2. munford says:

    He is so beautiful! I had cardinals here this past summer but when the cooler weather came I guess they went where it is warmer. I could always tell when the cardinals were on the feeders due to their very distinct “tweets.” Also mine always enjoyed feeding at dusk.
    Hope they will return in the spring or summer. I have a bunch of grackles here again. I think it is because Ft. Worth ran them out of Sundance Square with laser lights due to the Super Bowl crowd. I think they must have all flown here!!! My poor dovies and squirrels have to hustle to get any feed.

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