January 10 2011

Is Anyone Watching


IMG_0323-copy1.jpg Hello she says, were you expecting me?


2 Responses to “Is Anyone Watching”

  1. Charles says:

    Bob you’ve out done your self on taking pictures because this picture in my opinion is by far the best,keep up the good work & reward her for that great pose with some shelled peanuts

  2. munford says:

    Awww, this little girl has become so friendly with you and Deb that you may have to take her on the road with you. How could you go off and leave this pretty, friendly girl.
    Yay! Cold here and no grackles today. All my squirrels got to eat to their hearts’ content. I didn’t however see my doves. Don’t know whether they weren’t here or I just missed seeing them.

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