January 8 2011

I’ll take that, Thank You

I’ll take this one.

IMG_0266-copy1.jpg Debbie has the touch, the peanut touch for this little squirrel.


4 Responses to “I’ll take that, Thank You”

  1. munford says:

    Oh, Debbie! This picture is absolutely adorable. What a pretty little girl!

  2. dequilter says:

    Debbie, that goes to prove, “Once a mother, always a mother.” No matter what the species. (Motherly instinct kicks in). LOL

  3. Charles says:

    Animals wild or otherwise can sense danger & threats.Let’s face it there’ll NEVER any danger or threats from Debbie
    because she’s to sweet of a woman…

  4. junell murchie says:

    been there many times!!

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