January 1 2011

Breakfast of Champions 2011

New Years Breakfast

IMG_0167-copy.jpgJust guess what I’m having for New Years Breakfast.  It’s only about 1000 calories a bite.  Yum yum


2 Responses to “Breakfast of Champions 2011”

  1. Charles says:

    Happy New Year Bob-Deb & Monkey.Nuttin wrong with pecan pie for breakfast & it appears you stopped @ one slice
    or you stopped @ one slice took the picture and then finished the pie so which way did you go ? I like Pecan Pie & odds are I’d ate @ least 1/2 of it.

  2. munford says:

    Looks delicious! Nothing better than a big slice of pecan pie for breakfast. For that matter, nothing better than a piece for lunch and dinner too. Oh! and don’t forget a piece for a bedtime snack. Pecan pie is certainly a favorite in this house.

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