December 29 2010

Palm Trees in the Rain

Wet and Windy

IMG_0045-copy1.jpg The wind was whipping the Palms around and the rain was softly falling.   What a pleasure to listen to on the roof.

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One Response to “Palm Trees in the Rain”

  1. Pootie says:

    The sound of rain is a good sound. Your thought brought back
    memories of being a child and spending the night at my Mom Mom’s
    in Delaware. My grandparents had a metal corrugated roof on their
    old farm house. We slept in the attic with its raw beams directly
    underneath that roof. The sounds of the storm would frighten us. She
    managed to calm us by saying the rain on the roof was merely
    tiny ballerinas dancing. Such sweet visions. Mom Moms are as
    sweet as the falling rain.

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