December 20 2010

What’s On Your Cover

Wall Art


On Sunday Morning TV Magazine program yesterday morning, they did a  piece upon book dust covers.  It described the process with a discussion by some of the most prominent artist, editors all who edit and publish book cover art.  One of the statements was “the art on the cover says a lot about the story, as does the art on our walls say a lot about who we are.

Now, to me this saying about the art on our walls struck a nerve.  I have taken two pictures just recently showing art on my walls, I had never thought about the idea, that the art would represent who I am.  It does, there is not doubt about it.   How about some of my readers, do you have art on your wall that represents who you are.

There is two posting on the blog, both were of the breakfast nook in our RV.  One taken at night, the other during the day.  It shows the art that was made from the owl that we found on the highway as we were coming into Ruidoso, New Mexico from Cloudcroft.  The owl was on the side of the highway as we passed by at 65 miles per hour.

Debbie says, “she saw the owl first before I did” “hoping I wouldn’t see it”  but I did, so immediately I started looking for a place to turn around.  We doubled back and I picked up the owl and placed it in the back of the pickup.  To make a long story short, it is now art on my wall, which describes who I am.

There is even art tattooed on my body and I suppose it too speaks of what and who I am.  I may tell the story of what it represents to me sometime.  Although that is my cover art.  Human Cover Art can also say a lot of who we are?

My photographs alone, in total must yell out volumes of who I am and what I am.  I would think that anyone who may read this story also may  have a vision of what the Cover would be for this story.  I wonder what comes to mind.

I would hope to think, I’m a bit deeper than just what art adorns my wall or my body.  Are we so easily compartmentalized as human beings.  If I’m a liberal vs a conservative is that too expressed in the art on my walls.  I guess my cover, for the book of life I’m leading would have much to say if I had one.  What would your cover look like?


6 Responses to “What’s On Your Cover”

  1. Charles says:

    Based upon what’s hanging above the window it’s TRUE birds of a feather do flock together.TEHE I double checked my spelling of flock before I posted

  2. dequilter says:

    Getting back to Debbie’s question re: Hibiscus..
    mandevilla — They do look similar but the Hibicus has the stayman growing out the flower. Both are very pretty.

  3. dequilter says:

    Getting back to Debbie’s question re :Hibiscus
    Mandevilla ..
    the Hibicus is a bush and has a stayman growing out of the center of the flower and the Mandevilla is a vine.

  4. dequilter says:

    Debbie, Hibicus is a bush with the stayman growing out the flower. Mandevilla is a vine with trumpet like flowers and you can’t see the stayman. Check online. Jean

  5. dequilter says:

    sorry for all the comments , thought they did not go through so, if at first don’t succeed, try , try again.. I guess they worked.. oops…

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