December 11 2010

Black Bird Calling in the Dead of Night

Red Winged Black Birds

7821.jpgGetting big flocks of these birds trying to land on the feeders.


One Response to “Black Bird Calling in the Dead of Night”

  1. munford says:

    Big flocks of grackles here. They are eating all my squirrel, dove, and other birds’ seeds. They are hogs and come into my back yard in huge flocks! The dog frequently goes out and runs them all away. When they take off I can hear a big whoosh of all their wings.
    The cold weather that was suppose to come in late today is already here, Bob, and the temperature is dropping already. Feel sorry for all those good people who live up north that are in that winter weather storm alert. Pictures on the news made me feel very cold here. Some there are getting ice too. Ice is bad! Hope they will be able to keep their power to stay warm. Hope you have nice, warm, sunny weather where you are. My son is in Laredo and his high today is suppose to be 84. I don’t think he ever has cold weather there.

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