November 23 2010

Fall Colors

Change of Color


Fall has finally arrived in the deep south of the Coastal Bend of Texas…with the change of color…   Now compared to Alaska and other parts of the nation it is kind of tame.  Nonetheless, while everyone at the old Permafrost Ranch is experiencing very mild weather and freezing rain.  We are still reaching the 80 degrees or better mark here.  So, to all my friends and family in the Great Land.  I’m sorry but that sheet of ice is liable to be with you for the rest of winter until spring.  Thank goodness, I’m not driving on those roads anymore.  My hair is white enough.


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  1. jack says:

    yes, +21 degrees in the high desert, last nights low…right back up to the 50’s…snow to 5000 ft, snow on MT.gorgonio

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