November 7 2010

Squirrel Friends

Just Stopped In for a Bite

7726.jpg I’m glad this little fellow stopped in for a bite to eat.  I haven’t been taking a lot of photographs of much of anything here lately.  My drive to do so, flows like the tides.  One day I’m just itching to take photographs, the others I could care less.  Everyone knows that I’m on a IRC community on  Chris Pirillo wrote a piece the other day on community.  It brought up the question in my mind, just what is my community.  How do I affect those around me.  I have friends and family that look at what I post, and I’m sure some wonder just why I do such a thing.  I’m not really sure myself at times.  Most of my posting relay no real message, most are for just fun and giggles.  I do every now on then touch on a serious subject.  Today on Facebook I posted a subject that I think very serious.

I have some native heritage in my blood as many of you already know in my Community .  Although my blood line is thin and if I got a nose bleed I would lose it all very quickly.  Nonetheless, I’m very proud of that heritage and over the years I have involved myself in several Native American Powwows and events.  When I was younger I never told many folks of my heritage, it didn’t seem to matter to me, but as I’ve grown older things have changed.  The more I learned the more I tried to follow a certain path in my life.  A mixture of beliefs that walk between the modern and the old.

Now in this mixture of old and new, the one thing that I’ve learned is the first people of this land have a special way of honoring those who went before us.  Native American Nations have a relationship with our government that is like nothing else in the world.  We are nations within a nation, but nonetheless these first nations have a right to believe and govern themselves within this legal framework of the US Constitution and laws,  In fact we have the right to believe and act in certain ways spelled out by those very laws.

Still, after all these years, we are constantly being told that our sacred places and beliefs are not valid.  All the Native Americans who have given their lives to protect the very thing we hold sacred is looked down upon.  Even in modern times, with many of our young men and women who  have given their lives to protect this country by joining the Armed Services of the United States of America.  We still haven’t won the respect or the honor that should rightfully be theirs.

The below story is a reprint from the MediaMatters for America.

Glenn Beck and his radio sidekicks attacked a Nevada student for singing a Native American song that she dedicated to American troops during a recent rally for Sen. Harry Reid. Her offense?  Not singing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Picking up on a story first reported by radio host Barbara Simpson and carried on Gateway Pundit, The Blaze, and Fox Nation, Beck asked, “When somebody says, ‘Please rise for the national anthem,’ what song are you expecting?” He then ridiculed Christina Thomas for not singing the national anthem at a recent Reid rally.

But audio makes clear, however, that Thomas told the audience that she was not singing the national anthem as the event’s emcee announced, but rather a tribal flag song. Thomas told the audience, “I sing this in honor of all our veterans” and “those who are still fighting for our freedoms overseas.”

After talking over Thomas’ explanation that she was not going to be singing the national anthem and that she was dedicating another song to “all our veterans” and “those who are still fighting for our freedoms overseas, Beck said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem.” While playing audio of Thomas singing, Beck said, “not really our national anthem, maybe her national anthem.”

From the November 1 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program:

Earlier this year, Nevada’s senators Reid and John Ensign welcomed Thomas to Washington, D.C., as an American Indian ambassador.

After attacking Thomas for insufficient patriotism, Beck tied her song choice to an incident at Denver’s “State of the City” ceremony in 2008, when Rene Marie was introduced to sing the national anthem and then instead sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” a song often called the black national anthem.  Beck said that this was “the same thing … with the Democrats in Denver.”

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Democratic officials were caught off guard by the singer’s decision to sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” instead.

Beck rounded out the segment by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for our national anthem,” and playing a parody of the Soviet national anthem with the lyrics, “All hail the messiah, Obama.”

He dedicated it to “our savior, Barack Obama.”

So to all you right wingers and tea baggers who think all the Native Americans and Black  African Americans who have fought and died for this country are not real Americans.  I hope you rot in hell.  I hope my community reads this and understands my ire.  Bigots are bigots and Glen Beck is a bigot.


15 Responses to “Squirrel Friends”

  1. Tom from Florida says:

    Well said
    I’ve been looking at your site and reading your thoughts, both are great.

  2. maxnmike says:

    Well said DB. Nic would be proud.

  3. Bravo says:

    Beck has a big mouth, and that’s fact. What’s higher up in his head in terms of a mind is less certain, and should not be confused with actual intelligence.

    As a Canadian- and a rational adult- I don’t keep up with him, however Beck has apparently toned down some of the outright stupidity and “shock talk” since 2008. One could hope that his respect for others has increased.

  4. icu says:

    I support your thoughts also. Just an observation–The tea party will now have to learn how to run a government insted of just their mouths.

  5. Alcippe says:

    While I sometimes enjoy his show, I don’t always agree with him. Same with Rush, Micheal Smerconish and the like. I don’t agree with him “poking fun” at this young lady, but I do see his point. The national anthem is the national anthem, nothing else. The song she chose should have either preceded the national anthem or come after it if she wanted to do a special song.
    I am the first to say that our country should hang its head in absolute shame for how we treated and still treat the native americans. Talk about a group of people we repressed! We did all the wrong to them. Unlike the slaves whose own people sold them into slavery to this country. (I know I will take a beating for that one.)

  6. Skul says:

    And YOU sir are a bigger bigot.
    I’m sick of lefties pointing fingers to deflect their own bigotry.
    You, sir, are a bigot as well as those that espounce the continuing crap that people who believe in the rights of man are “bigots”.
    I have the right to disagee with you, without your name-calling and unfounded accusations.
    They are flat out lies! Period.
    Prove other wise.
    Remember, I can most assuradly prove you wrong.
    I’m sick of the lefty lies.
    No more.

  7. Garret Kuhtz says:

    Obama – Here is a man with the ego the size of the U.S. deficit. He can’t get the attention he requires at home anymore since he has a thought the american people do not understand what he is trying to do, and that is why the country is rejecting his agenda. Now he goes to India and they roll out the red carpet for mr. Obamahead and he thinks it is Berlin before the election. Maybe he needs to stay over there since he is so well thought of, or is it the money he is leaving behind they are so glad to see, not him.

  8. Skul says:

    Bob, I’m waiting,
    Why don’t I think my comment will ever appear?
    I’m doing screen captures, Bob.

  9. Databrokers says:

    What are you capturing? Capture away. Did I strike a nerve?

  10. Al says:

    It appears that only a few bigots are the ones upset about your posting. I always love the people who use the old cliches “lefties” and “socialists” in the same sentence, as if they know what it all means. Most don’t understand even their own party, except for the hate some of the party leaders (or leader wanabes) spew. On the subject of the national anthem, the fault is with the announcer, who did not explain that the young lady would be singing an honor song for the warriors. Beck took off on that and tried to make a mockery of all Native Americans, as only a bozo like Beck could. As for the guy commenting about President Obama, I guess he knows him personally; otherwise, he is just regurgitating the same old Conservative/Tea Party/Palin talking points. They don’t have a clue about running the country, so they criticize everything and everyone and talk about tearing down instead of building up. They are the sheep of the world. They run in flocks and do the bidding of some leader without question, even if it means running over the cliff.

  11. Gnimsh says:

    I despise Glenn Beck and Fox News. Nothing but a republican mouthpiece and propaganda machine.

    When I first started reading I thought “Well, I bet he pissed off some teapartiers” and then at the end “Oh ya definitely!” I look down on the tea party as much as the average American, but I really believe the problem is the two-party system which has frozen people into one of 2 mindsets: “Democrats will fix our problems” or “Republicans will fix our problems.” While I’m a liberal, I really don’t believe the democrats did all they could for this country. People voted them in out of desperation in 2006 and again with Obama, just as the republicans have now done, but it’s not going to fix anything We’ll just have the same problems with a new group of people. We really need some new parties to change our government. I don’t consider the tea party a new party either, it’s just a fringe group of republicans. I mean third parties like Ralph Nader or the Green Party, ones that actually think and want to make a difference for this country.

  12. Databrokers says:

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this.

    I suppose I’m good at making myself a target. Needless to say, sometimes well deserved sometimes not.

    Nonetheless, I can’t empathize with them (these so called conservative blowhards) or remain silent. While they push the limits and boundaries of common decency to the breaking point.

    To remain silent and not refute the vile innuendo they produce is to invite or embolden them to continue to spreading hatred and bigotry.

    Fascist and Racism are close brothers, and they go hand in hand, and if not stopped it will grow to become a menace to all we stand for.

    If we allow it to spread it will infect others and grow to the point that they become tyrants and jack booted thugs who will gladly stomp us for our non believing ways.

    All one has to do is be a study of history to provide the examples of this very thing I’m speaking of.

    I don’t believe in heaven or hell, it’s not taught in any Muskogee Creek teachings. Still to stand silently by is a worse hell in my mind. To allow all I hold sacred to be defiled is beyond my ability.

    This country is my home, it’s all I know and I do believe in freedom. I would rather die free than to be subjugated or oppressed by these thugs.

  13. Real Mama Grizzles don't QUIT mid-term says:

    Beck and company make their money by being shock jocks they are not journalists. Dismissing the Nationhood of Native Americans and questioning our patriorism is absurd. Alaska Natives and Native Americans have enlisted to fight in the U.S. armed services more than any other population group – even before becoming citizens of the U.S. Having a fair an open discussion about the First Nations people can only serve to make this country a better place for all. The tone of these people is only fuels division when we need to be united more than ever. I pray that the money that now goes to Beck, et al would be directed to wiser endeavors. We are better than this let’s prove it to now!

  14. stageleft says:

    I was going to say that Beck actually is the rodeo clown he professes to be now and again, but that would be an insult to rodeo clowns who perform an honest and useful function.

    Every now and again, when I’m in the mood for a chuckle, I tune him in via the FoxTV Internet stream to listen to him choke up over some manufactured patriotic cause or another but he’s a waste of time — unless you happen to be a white, Christian, Republican, who is afraid of anyone who is not white, and Christian, and Republican, and needs to have that personal fear validated.

    Commenter Skul is probably a regular Beck watcher, because that sort of validation requires the regular booster shots that Beck (and his ilk) are more than happy to provide while they fill their pockets.

  15. Another senate scandal with Rangel – this marion barry of the “house” will get about as much justice as barry did there…and the stupidity of his constituents to continuously re-elect a crook is saddening… but THEY will be the ones who deserve what they get from this bum… he should be jailed as many of those others on the hill need to be… let’s ee if he can come up with a quote as amusing as barry did, “The Bi#t&h set me up!!!” I am sure he will being some super-genius comment to the table…

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