October 29 2010

Cool Morning Breeze

I awoke this morning with a cool breeze blowing through the RV.  It feels great, at 56 degrees.  What a beautiful morning I think it’s going to be here on the Coastal Bend of the Gulf Coast.  The temp in old North Pole and the Permafrost ranch is a warm 25 degrees.  Not bad but still below the freezing point.  I miss the sound of the flying squirrels bouncing off the tipi poles to land on the feeder, and the chatter of Bubba.  It’s clear and sun is starting to rise.  My morning prayers go out to Brad and his family.  I filled my abalone shell with white sage, some cedar and some Alaskan white sage this morning.  With my prayer Eagle feather I watched the sun rise and said my prayers.  As I always do, I circled the RV and truck four times.  On the last turn, up in the sky, great flocks of geese winged by and they called to me, expanding those prayers upon the wind.


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