October 22 2010

Full Moon Summer Nights

One of the things I missed all those years of living in Alaska is Moon Light drenched summer nights.  Not that the moon isn’t just a bright as it is anywhere else but in Alaska interior by the time it’s dark enough at night to enjoy a full moon, it’s usually late fall or winter.  There was times when I worked out at Clear AFS and the drive out from Fairbanks in the winter on a full moon night was magical in it’s own right.  You could drive with the lights out because of the moon reflecting off the snow.  Nonetheless, there is something special  about a summer full moon night, tonight there is suppose to be a full moon.  I’m going to take Debbie and the Monkey to beach to walk in the glowing waters of a full moon.

4 Responses to “Full Moon Summer Nights”

  1. Pootie says:

    You old Coot…that sounds so romantic.

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    That sound very nice.

    Going to my local beach to look at the moonlight is a sure way to get mugged.

  3. Databrokers says:

    Hi Z, Go armed and just consider it a nighttime hunting season for muggers. lol Add a little excitement to your romance.

  4. Z from Chicago says:

    LOL, Bob. I’d be outarmed by the muggers. I’d go there at night if I had a tank.

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