October 14 2010

Sun Rise Flowers

Sunrise Flowers


Beautiful flowers and beautiful weather this morning.  I awoke early to watch the sun rise in a clear blue sky and it was like a red rubber ball rising over the island.  The breeze is from the north and cool in the low 60’s but it feels great.  Days like this is why we are here.  So we are both sitting here watching the sun rise and drinking hot coffee.  Life is good, and the breeze blowing through the window while I sit here posting this is pure pleasure upon my skin.  It wasn’t too long ago and I would sit looking out the window of the Permafrost Ranch in the dead of winter wishing I was here.  Well, wishes do come true.


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  1. dequilter says:

    It must be great still being able to look at Hibiscus blooming. Here in Delaware mine are finished for this season. Lord willing I will see the flowers again next season.. Life is short, so don’t miss a thing. Having coffee and watching the sunrise sitting outside is a wonderful gift and is priceless. Enjoy your life. Love all your pictures and posting.. Kiss monkey for me. I miss my weiners. Jean

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