September 15 2010

RV Repair Service

Our hot water heater failed and I for the life of me couldn’t find the manuel for it.  So, of course being the old geek that I am, I  chased one down from the manufacturers web page.  I wasn’t sure about how the unit worked or operated since it’s a dual heating system, electric and propane.  Needlesstosay, I wasn’t going to venture into the diagnosing the problem unless I knew a bit more about how the system works.  There was an ad and a business card for a local RV repairman at the RV parks office which I called.  When he finally showed up after placing a call to his cell phone answering service late Friday afternoon.  He quickly went about diagnosing the problem.  Which turned out to be a bad thermostat on the electric side of the heating unit.  I was impressed with the way he found the problem.

Nonetheless, that’s when the impression turned sour.  He couldn’t find a correct thermostat to replace the one that had gone bad.  Now I had already researched the parts list and saw that there was a thermostat kit produced by the manufacture to replace both thermostats for gas and electric service since it required two different thermostats.  He came up with a thermostat out of his truck which he said would work but it was a 10 degree higher temperature rated stat.   He could get the replacement manufactures kit on order and would charge me 30 dollars for it if I wanted a new unit instead of the one he had in his truck.   It was on a friday evening and he wouldn’t be able to get it until next week if he had to order it.  So, I told him to go ahead and replace the bad one with the one he had in his truck.  He replaced the bad thermostat with this one he found and charged me 100 dollars for the service call and parts and labor.  For about a 20 minute service call.

Well, the new thermostat was so high in temperatures that it caused the unit to shut down when the water finally heated up in the tank after his departure.  I placed a phone call to the repairman and it went unanswered.  So, the weekend passed and I was looking at this repairman’s work after pulling the replacement thermostat he installed and I wasn’t a happy camper.  I called Camping World on Monday morning and they had the replacement kit in stock.  The price was 15 dollars.  I then purchased the parts and installed them myself on that Monday morning and it took me all of 15 minutes.  The heater is working now like a charm.

The repairman never returned my call at all during the weekend.  Fly by night repairmen abound in the business of RV repair I guess.  I have learned a valuable lesson and the cost was worth it.  Monday morning a neighbor who was in the process of leaving had some trouble with his RV’s Brakes being locked up and had asked me what I thought of this repairman because he had called him to come look at his problem.  I told him I wouldn’t employ his services again because of the work he did for me.   My unhappiness must have gotten back to this repairman through my neighbor because he never returned my call and he was right next door working on this fellows RV and he never stopped back by to see what the problem was with his work he preformed for me.

Lesson learned


3 Responses to “RV Repair Service”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Oh, dear. Pricey lesson.

  2. CCMike says:

    There is no pride in workmanship any longer Bob, It’s sad that soeone would put thier name and reputation on poor serrvice and work and then charge top dollar for it.
    but to not return your call when he’s but a few feet away shows he knew all along he did a poor job and didn’t want to face you or chance being asked for a refund for the crap he passed off as “good work”

  3. Lynn says:

    No integrity and seemingly No conscience…ugh. Soooo sorry you had to waste your money that way.

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