August 27 2010

Traveling Squirrel Cam RV

High Sierra RV & Mobile Park

7454-copy.jpg Oakhurst, California.  This is where we stayed while we ventured up into Yosemite.  The little stream below the camper was full of croaking frogs.  I haven’t heard that sound in a while.  It was rather pleasant, still the day before we left the temps climbed up into the one hundred degrees and over range.

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2 Responses to “Traveling Squirrel Cam RV”

  1. Charles says:

    On my goodness I sure hope you’ve got a real good parking brake

  2. munford says:

    Oh, we got our first norther of the seasons. Winds from the north with dry air and high temperature at 96. Feels so good!! We have to enjoy it now though as temperatures will rise and the humidity will come back too! I bet my air conditioner has really enjoyed the rest since Tuesday!!! It is still running but at least now it turns off every now and then instead of having to work so hard constantly. Love the sound of the croakers too! Feeding lots of young squirrels again now but sad to say there is 4 hawks in our area. I’m trying to keep all the squirrels that come here safe from them, but as you well know nature happens just naturally. New babies eating are so sweet and cute! Did you see the picture of that white squirrel I sent to you. Have you ever seen a white squirrel before? I haven’t and that picture did not look like an albino squirrel either.

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