August 26 2010

Back in the High Desert

Pastels of the High Desert Moon

7484-copy.jpg We made a big push yesterday and made it into Yucca Valley.  Three hundred and seventy five miles is just too far for one day.  Nine hours on the road, upon going to bed last night I still felt as if I was vibrating from the drive.  We will stay for a week to visit friends and then push on towards New Mexico.  The desert is warm  and humid this morning because it rained just before we arrived.  I awoke really early this morning because of traffic noise.  Betabel, was quiet compared to the park here in Yucca Valley.

Nonetheless, the sky was beautiful, there is no where else like the desert southwest for sunrise and sunsets.

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2 Responses to “Back in the High Desert”

  1. junell murchie says:

    great picture! we understand that nine hours behind the wheel is too long.I remember those drives going to texas

  2. Charles says:

    What a pretty site & I gotta ask:did the urge hit you to howel like hell at the full moon ? oh man what was I thinking your not a Werewolf your just an old dog(tehe)

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