July 6 2010

In Honor of My Neighbor

A Marine, US AirForce, US Army Rolling Thunder 2010

This is for Sal, who lives a couple of RVs Down and right next door. ┬áBill, who flew F-100s …Rolling Thunder


5 Responses to “In Honor of My Neighbor”

  1. dequilter says:

    What a tear jerker. Thank you for the tribute. My grandson is in the Marines . He finished his basic in Feb and is now in Pennsacola. He is just starting his journey. Did Sal pass away ? (Retired)

  2. Databrokers says:

    Hi dequilter,

    Sal was just the first Marine I thought of when I first saw the video, he’s retired and living in this RV park along with Bill. We are just neighbors and friends. I wish your grandson nothing but the best and tell him thanks for serving our country.


  3. Charles says:

    thank you Bob I enjoyed watching it & at one time it looked as if the Sgt was gonna cry

  4. Charles says:

    Bob here’s a link for your new buddy Sal & the F-100 Super Sabre.theres also videos

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    Wow. Great video.

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