June 17 2010

Pacific Ocean Sunset

Watching the Sun Go Down


We went for a walk on the beach last evening just as the sun was setting.  The weather was cool, cool enough to have to wear long pants and a jacket to be comfortable and even then I was a bit chilly in the wind.  We were returning to the truck and got to witness a young man down on his knees proposing to a young lady at the oceans edge.  How romantic, nonetheless, what a terrible way to end a good relationship 🙂 .

Doesn’t the sun look like a lemon drop, odd shaped one at that.

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4 Responses to “Pacific Ocean Sunset”

  1. Charles says:

    Now that’s pretty site beats the hell out of those desert shots were the sky was blood red & spooky lookin.It does
    kinda look like an odd shaped lemmon drop ppsstt not a god ideal to try & eat it.Was he proposing or was he begging for forgivness,she’ll make him pay if he was begging for forgivness & if he was proposing I’m wondering if he’s aware that’ll put a hamper on his dating if she says YES.Bob btw you’re 1 lucky dog more ways then you know
    you’re doing what I’d love to be doing.Keeping taking good care of PITA & Deb cause PITA is an ankle biter & Deb’s
    the best thing(other then your daughters)to happen to an old dog like you.Man you are sure are blessed

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    I like that, with the sun rippling in the atmosphere and the water looking as if someone took a brush and added just a touch of red.

  3. Rosemary from Auckland says:

    Fabulous photo

  4. Suzie says:

    Beautiful photo. I hope the young couple has many happy years together, just like you and Debbie 🙂

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