May 31 2010

Oil Spill and Workers becoming Sick

Oil Spill on the gulf coast and the report this morning from CNN (latest oil spill developments) about workers becoming sick on the job.

I worked in Valdez during the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.  Many of my friends, including myself, Debbie and others got really sick and many were miles from the contaminated beaches.  I seem to remember everyone being sick, and reporting to the hospital or doctors.  A sort of flu like sickness was rampant in the camps and on the docks among all workers.   Everyone who came in contact with the oil and the dispersants that Exxon used during this period seemed to become sick.  Is there anyone else who remembers this.  I mean every one got sick.

I wonder if this was just a coincident  now just as then, or that the use of these chemicals along with the oil itself causes illness.   The dispersants were labeled as hazardous Bio-Chemicals during shipment, storage and handling.

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3 Responses to “Oil Spill and Workers becoming Sick”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Obama and the BP CEO should have a high-level meeting in the marshes that are affected. Then they should help a little with the cleaning up. I bet they’d get it taken care of pretty quickly if they got a little of the poisonous muck on their shoes.

  2. I’m happy to finally see today on the news that the oil company has stopped some of this oil thats been spewing up into our gulf for almost 2 months now!! Jeez what is their thinking?? I can’t believe its been taking this long. I know what it is, its all about the moola, they can still make cash from this oil well thats why they won’t shut it up for good to stop this problem!

  3. Please read my article about the BP oil spill. Peopple are breathing in toxic gases as you read this and we will not know the affects until years from now.

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