May 23 2010

Blooms and Tiles

Tile Roofs and Red Blooms


I thought this made a beautiful picture of tile roofs and red blooms of those beautiful trees that are all over this area in bloom.

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5 Responses to “Blooms and Tiles”

  1. Charles says:

    What a pretty site & I like the way they recycle there.Tile roofs appears to be what they used for storm drains &
    sewer lines for those of you that’s old enough to remember that far back(wright Bob ?)

  2. dequilter says:

    Hi Charles, I am afraid the roof is not recylced from storm drains and sewer lines. The tiles are made especially for the roofs. (terracota roofs). Quite expensive too.

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    I like that picture, Bob. The colors and the contrasting shapes is very nice.

  4. munford says:

    I want to thank Charles for answering my question about what the Morro Rock ground squirrels eat. Thanks a bunch.
    Bob, it seems strange for squirrels to live in the holes among the rocks. Wow! so different from here where they are squirrel dwellers.

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