May 17 2010

Central California Coast

Buellton California


We drove up to Morro Bay to look at a RV Park, one place that had one spot open.  This RV park  we are in now is not cheap but to stay for any length of time this time of the year, they want you to book for three months.  I’m not willing to commit to staying in one place or this place that long.

Need less to say, the central California Coast is just drop dead beautiful.  The weather we have experienced reminds me so of a real nice summer day in Alaska in some parts.  After being in the desert for so long, the trees are a nice change of pace.  Some of them here are just huge to boot.  I’ve not taken many pictures to post but I’ll try to grab more when I can.

Morro Bay will be our next home for a while, there is suppose to be a lot o bird life there in and around the bay.  The Park is right in town and I won’t be able to set out feeders much but will try any way .   But I’m within walking distance of the bay and beach areas so will hope for good bird pictures.

This area is just pretty no matter what anyone says, it’s sweet to look at.

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