May 14 2010

Sand Castles

Beach Art


Building castles in the sand.   To be washed away at the next high tide.  A bit of an update for everyone.  Deb’s medical testing won’t have the results released until next week on Tuesday.  We have decided to move on down the road, and if she has to return for further treatment we will.  Or find another provider to finish treatment if needed.  I’ll post as soon as we are able with new pictures of different places.

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6 Responses to “Sand Castles”

  1. Charles says:

    High tide will wash it away but he looks as if he’s having fun.I’m wondering if he’s the blue jean weaing Ostrich that
    you photographed yesterday with his arse stuck up in the air ? Tell Deb we’re thinking about her & praying for GOOD NEWS & the best for her.Bob your a lucky man in many ways I’m waiting to meet you & Deb but it appears that Deb is a real sweet heart & you seem to be a good man also & alright to for an old under the front porch dog.

  2. munford says:

    Deb will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    This man looks like he is having fun. I would like to go sculpture in the sand with him just as long as a big wave doesn’t come out of no where.
    I will be looking forward to your next post.
    In the meantime you and Deb have fun.

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    Good luck to Deb. And to you.

    Have a good time finding a new place to park.

  4. Z from Chicago says:

    I like that picture. It’s as if this man was walking along the beach and suddenly had an urge, an inspiration, to build an amazing, almost science-fiction castle.

  5. @admin,

    Nice photograph! I am just starting out blogging. How do you find the inspirations for your site? What is the quickest way to build a fan base? (You know, members that actually want to stop by and read your post?)

    (My appologies for the dumb questions, I just want to get started!)

    Much Obliged! 😀

  6. Databrokers says:

    I just looked at your site, it looks like you have it all together and with time your readership will expand. My inspiration is my audience. They are the ones that make it all worthwhile.

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