May 11 2010

Life on the Road

Just a little news update for those who following along our journey.   Debbie’s had some biopsies done on a couple of places on her face for Cancer.  We are awaiting the test results before moving out of the high desert.  If she needs more followup we will hang in here until the treatment if needed is complete.  The results are due the 14th, or earlier if possible.  I will keep everyone one posted.

I won’t be streaming until I come up with another solution to my lack of internet access on the road.  It’s a never ending story.  The last folks I had, changed the plan on me.  Instituting a data limit which pretty much does away with my ability to stream.

Both front jacks now have been replaced on the RV, hopefully they won’t fail again.  I’ve marked range limits and won’t travel past those again for any reason.  The replacement itself was a real mechanics nightmare.   One new jack housing was longer than the old one.  Made for a real pain trying to fit back into the RV frame.  Only solution was to place new jack parts in the old jack housing frame to fit.

Nonetheless, life is good, I pray for the folks in Oklahoma and hope all is safe with family there.  Those twisters are terrible things to have happen.

Thanks again to those who follow along this old nomads journey.



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  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Good luck to Debbie.

    Hopefully your family in Oklahoma is all well and not in the path of the weather.

  2. littlesnow says:

    Great update 🙂 Praying for Deb.

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