May 8 2010

Humming Birds Nest2

So Tiny


I was in the area and stopped with the camera and took this shot.  I’m not going to try to take anymore because I’m afraid that she may abandon the nest if I do.  It’s so utterly amazing to see something so tiny from these beautiful little creatures the creator has allowed me to see.

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2 Responses to “Humming Birds Nest2”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    That’s really great. I love the way it’s lined with cozy feathers. Thank you, Bob, for taking such a lovely picture.

    Oh–happy Mother’s Day to Debbie.

  2. Jojo says:

    I know the humming bird cam that Bowling Mon mentioned, but even there it is so hard to see the proportions because the cam is zoomed in. Hard to imagine a nest could be so small.

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