May 4 2010

Humming Bird Nest

Humming Bird Nest and Eggs

hummingbirdnest.jpg We were sitting in the truck and I noticed a humming bird fly into this bush.  I didn’t see where it was at first, it took me a while to make out where it was.  Then I saw it sitting on the nest.  It sat there a while and I rolled down the window to get a shot and it flew off.  I grabbed one of the nest with Debbie’s I Phone.  The size of the nest is about size of a golf ball.

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9 Responses to “Humming Bird Nest”

  1. Charles says:

    Bob nice picture you got.Man those looks like big does such a small bird lay such big eggs ?

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    That’s great, Bob. I’ve never seen a picture of a hummingbird nest. It looks so cozy all lined with downy feathers.

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    I keep coming back to look at this picture. Thinking of it as the size of a golfball is mind-boggling.

  4. bowlingmom says:

    You are very lucky to see one. Here is a link for ustream that also has a humming bird nest. It is in a rose bush so it gives you a better idea of the size. This is at least the 2nd hatching from this nest that I have seen! Hope you dont mind I put the link up!

    Have a great day DB & I miss the streaming…do you not do it anymore or do I just keep missing you???

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    That’s great, bowlingmom. I hope you don’t mind if I share it …

  6. Databrokers says:

    Hi bowlingmom, thanks for the link. And your right I was lucky to see it. I not streaming for one main reason, I don’t have high speed access. The company I was using has changed their plan and limited me to only 5GB of bandwidth usage per month. Which limits me to the point where one can’t stream. One of these days I find a reasonable provider with reasonable cost for high speed access. All of the ones I have used in the past were only out to bend me over the bandwidth, so to speak while they empty my pockets.

  7. bowlingmom says:

    Sorry to hear that DB! It is amazing how companies can raise rates on everyone becasue they are struggling, but their strugle comes from everyone elses strugle…sooooo why do they think raising rates will help???!!! Hope you can find a provider soon!

    Your welcome for the link! Hi Z, share the link all you want!

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