April 26 2010


Living in the deep green of the boreal forest made for everlasting memories stamped upon my mind.   That deep green period of summer is sweet beyond belief after the long cold winter that proceeds it in the interior of Alaska.  Spring comes quick in the north, the trees bud and leaf out in days not weeks it seems.   Every living thing knows that summer is short.  It makes the season hurry and the plants follow suit.

Living here in the southwest this winter and proceeding spring is a huge change of pace from what I have seen in the last thirty five years.  Here spring lingers, the seasons linger and you don’t have that sudden burst of new green as you see in the boreal forest.  Up here in the high desert, the rain this winter was plentiful and it’s blooming and different green everywhere one looks.

The trip into Los Angeles the other day gave me a vista of yellow blooming plants that painted the hillsides as we dropped down into Morongo Pass to head towards Los Angeles.  Leaving the high valley to the lower valley towards highway 10 you drop a few thousand feet quickly to the low desert.  So the change is quick in the type of vegetation as your dropping altitude.

Then up through the mountain pass and dropping down into the inland empire really brings some huge changes to the vegetation and you can start to feel the power of the ocean maritime climate as you drive on into Los Angeles.   The one thing that really was obvious as we drove into the area was the amount of smog.  Hiding the mountains from us as we drove on into the city.

Driving into the city for this Alaskan for the first time was a adventure.  Fourteen Million people is just a tad more than one finds in the deep green of the boreal forest of Alaska.

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2 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Charles says:

    Bob Welcome to the Jungle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and before long you’ll be one of those red neck good ole southern boys

  2. deb says:

    now you can say: I have driven in LA rush hours traffic, on a Friday night at that!
    (you can now measure LA to others..as i say chicago’s is the worst). wait until u try I-5 in near seattle, wa!

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