April 15 2010

RV Problems

Well, the bad jack was replaced, and the old (supposedly good) one failed as we were testing the jacks.  If it wasn’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any.   So, new one is on order and will arrive next week.  We will fix it that weekend after.  I think both may have failed in the same spot.  The one we have removed failed where the ring gear is keyed to the shaft.  The key hole itself eats up over 1/2 of the shafts diameter.  I’ve seen this type of failure before but not in this type of equipment.

We have decided to stay another full month here in the high desert giving us time to get the jack replaced next week and then we will move on up the coast.  The silver lining of this problem is we are flexible in time.  We are blessed in many ways at this stage of the game and time is one of those blessings.

Bob & Debbie and the Chunky Monkey

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