March 23 2010

Desert Hot Springs

Palms and Snow

6518.jpg Jack & Deb took us to Desert Hot Springs resort yesterday.  We sat in the pools for a while.  It was too warm to leave the Monkey in the car, so we took turns baby sitting him out in the Parking Lot.  What a peta he is, nonetheless a nice afternoon spent enjoying the pools.  I saw this over the resort and just had to grab a shot.  Don’t see many palm trees with snow in the back ground in Alaska.

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2 Responses to “Desert Hot Springs”

  1. Charles says:

    I see SNOW hmmmmm missing Alaska are we ? Monkey may be a PITA but his parents made him that way.And why was Monkey NOT allowed in the pool he can swim the doggie paddle even though he’s got very short legs

  2. Melissa says:

    Hey Bob,
    Long time no talk! I got a job at the school, so no time for chats. I love this picture-absolutely stunning and ironic! Are you guys staying in the California area for long? Hope you three are doing well. Take care,

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