March 22 2010

California Dreaming

On Such A Winters Day


The weather here in this high desert is great, it cools down at night and warms up to really mild weather during the day.  Sweet.

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4 Responses to “California Dreaming”

  1. Pocoblu says:

    weather sounds ideal – how’s the new RV park?

  2. deb says:

    I think what you all need is a dip in the hot springs!!!!…huggs

  3. Hi Carol, it’s a very small park, but so far so good. I’ve not made anyone mad yet as far as I know. 😉 The weather has been very ideal. Nonetheless, just as in Phoenix, I don’t want to be here when summer comes.

  4. Z from Chicago says:

    It looks like a pretty good location. You seem to be near a residential area that probably has supermarkets and other shops, yet far enough away to be able to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region.

    I bet it does get hot in summer.

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