March 13 2010

Leaving the Valley of the Sun

Arizona Sunrise

6438.jpg We are a few days away from leaving Arizona.  I get excited about moving to a new spot.  California here we come.  I’ve had fun so far here in this Valley of the Sun, I hope everyone enjoyed the birdlife and pictures we posted during our stay here.  We never made it to the Red Rock country just a hundred miles north.  I guess you just can’t see it all with one stop.  You can count on the fact we will return to Arizona in the future.  We are still getting our bearings in this new life style.

Learning the ins and outs of our new life on the road.  When I think of how far we have come since leaving the old Permafrost Ranch.  I’m kind of surprised by the amount of changes that has come to pass.  We are still adding equipment needed for the RV.  Things that make this moveable home a little better and more comfortable for us to live in.  Little things like wrap around step covers similar to astroturf to get the dirt off ones feet before getting inside.  Vent Covers, that keep the rain from coming in,  if you accidentally  leave your vents open while visiting family only to return to find your bed and floors wet.  Wheel covers for when one is parked to keep the sun off the tires.  Yes, it’s a learning experience.

There is so much more I could and will write about but I don’t want everyone to be bored to death by long postings.  Just like above, I could expand the list of stuff one has to acquire to live comfortably in a RV.  It’s almost never ending.  Just like this journey we are on.  Hopefully, never ending for the Nomads of the North, on the road, looking for squirrels and nuts across the USA

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3 Responses to “Leaving the Valley of the Sun”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    It might be a good idea to write down all the little things you are finding out in these early days of RVing as after a couple of years they’ll be routine. This could be invaluable to any friends you have who might decide to follow your example. It’s the small things that probably aren’t covered very much in any RV forum as they’re taken for granted by long-timers that can sometimes make a difference. If you had known about the vent covers and the step covers on your first day, you could have saved yourself some unnecessary clean-up.

    I have a look at your site every day–and sometimes twice a day. I really enjoy seeing your photos and the comments all your readers make. It’s vicarious travel.

  2. munford says:

    I enjoy your photos daily also. The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular in Arizona. Sometimes they remind me of the northern lights of Alaska. At other times they look like fire!
    My son is some where in Arizona right now recruiting basketball players for TAMIU!
    Z has a point about writing down all those good tips, especially if you know you will be having friends who are going to to the same when they retire.

  3. Charles says:

    Bob as you already know everyday is a learning experience some good some bad some you’d like to forget but just remember the one main RULE:have fun & take notes as so you don’t forget & give Deb the notes cause odds are you might forget were you put’em.You lucky old dog I hope to live long enough to become a carefree Nomad so
    learn a lot so you can teach me

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