March 10 2010

Cease & Desist

The live cam and feeders will not be on until we get to another park.  We received a cease & desist order on feeding the wild life and birds while we are in this  Pioneer RV Park, in Phoenix Arizona.  The note from the RV staff said they had received several complaints.  Before we got the notice from the management of the park, the neighbor behind us yelled out his back door, to quit feeding the birds, because they were shitting everywhere.  So as of now there is no more bird seed to put out and the live cam will be down.  As I walk around this beautiful park and see all the others who have bird feeders out, I wonder if they too have to quit feeding the birds.   I suggest not staying here if your looking for a RV park that is people or animal friendly.  You can bet, we won’t ever stay here again.


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  1. littlesnow says:

    Wow, that is really awful Bob, ppl never cease to disgust me. Hope you’re able to leave there soon, doesn’t sound like a friendly place to be. I may not post that much bit I do read the blog & check out the pics several times a week. I’ll be waiting for your next stop in your travels 🙂 Be safe.

  2. Charles says:

    What a load of horse crap well all I can say is & if I offend anyone I’m sorry but I hope every single bird that was at
    your feeder @ once goes to the RV behind you were the neighbor was yelling & I hope they shit all over him & while he’s looking up

  3. rolaids says:

    db, ive had that same problem in my neighborhood with permanent neighbors. they walk by, asking when im gonna stop attracting “wild animals” to their clean neighborhood. its ashame, some people will always go out of the way to make everyone as miserable as they are. thankfully, i do believe there are more people out there that enjoy watching their local wildlife than dont. dont ever let these people get you discouraqed, theyre the wildlife nazis of the world, and we all know how the nazis ended up!

  4. bowlingmom says:

    SORRY to hear DB! I agree with Rolaids…it never ceases to amaze me that 1 person can change the way every Christian decorates for the holidays and can get 1 person to stop attracting “wild animals”, however, millions of people cannot change the fact that people are still cutting down the rain forests, polluting (sp) our planet, etc!

    I say you go to the office and ask why others can still have there feeders up. Maybe you can at least keep your 2 small one up!

    Go get’em DB!!!

  5. dequilter says:

    There are some people that don’t have a life and they are so miserable and hateful. They can’t stand to see other people happy and enjoying life. It is not just about you feeding the birds, it is their own miserable life they can’t stand. For your last hoorah , the night before you leave, take you bag of seed and throw it in their yard. It won’t be a waste of money, the birds and criltters will enjoy. 🙂 Make sure management is aware of other feeders in the park and let them know that you feel you have been singled out. Please continue to take pictures of subjects of interest and continue to post them , the pictures make my day. I am going to put out an extra bird feeder and extra bird food today . I have 7 bird feeders . The squirrels you can have. 🙂

  6. Jojo says:

    Such dumb people! They have nothing better to do but sit in their RV all day and find something to complain about. I feel bad for you, but try not to let these idiots get you down – it will make you just as miserable as they are.

    I really like the ‘last bag of seed’ idea Dequilter has! better yet – throw everyday a little seed in their yard, you are up before dawn anyway 😉

  7. pocoblu says:

    geez, we have not had the best weather during your time here and sounds like some not too friendly bird haters too!
    keep an eye on Chunky, they may not like dogs either!
    ironic part is they are probably snowbirds themselves passing through the state…
    on a kinder, gentler note we would love to see you, Debbie and Chunky again before you leave
    check your email!

  8. Antti says:

    Snowmancam in Michigan has had similar trouble. They actually made it to local news
    because they were thought to be in violation of local deer baiting law (deers come to the cam)
    and there is going to be hearing about it next Thursday:

  9. Z from Chicago says:

    Well. That’s a drag. I used to feed the sparrows (and the pigeons that invariably showed up) off the loading dock where I used to work. The building management threated to complain to the company and have me fined. So I went out for cigarettes in the front of the building and fed them there. Dequilter’s suggesting of tossing seed as a last hurrah was one I planned on doing. Except that I was going to form a huge FO in birdseed.
    Maybe you can sneak a picture in once in a while of scenery while you’re on the road.

  10. Databrokers says:

    This is the first park I’ve stayed in that has had a age limitation. After a little thought on this, I’ve reach the conclusion I think it’s a poor idea. I can understand the concept behind it but I think the logic of doing such a thing is flawed. Diversity, whether it be of age or race in a society is a positive note for all to play. To limit your association to only those of a certain age to me is to remove oneself from the real world and the possibilities of growth, whether physical or mental. I’m new to this retirement lifestyle, and have much to learn. Nonetheless, I don’t want to remove myself from the joy of being alive no matter what age I am. One other point about this park that has caught my eye, There is very few people of color. I guess I’m just in the wrong place here. Time to move on.

  11. Charles says:

    Bob them putting an age limitation on staying there should ONLY come in place if the person is in the 18-25 range & before anyone jumps to conclusions I remember being in that age range a long long long time ago & all I wanted to do was PARTY but those was my young & dumb days.18-25 range let’em stay but be leary of partys & keep & eye on them. People who’s at the retirement age such as Bob & Debbie has learned much over the years is willing to share & learn more.Reguardless of age color gender religion EVERYONE should be given a chance in life & none of those factors should be held against any one.Bob keep being yourself enjoy life & retirement to the fullest.Young ones can learn a lot from you if they open there minds & listen.

  12. littlesnow says:

    the PCness of americal-take or leave ! I could do with out it. 🙁

  13. Clark Gable says:

    Bob, I’m a full time RV-er. I’ve been singled out SEVERAL times at the park I’m at now. Just last week as a matter of fact. This park doesn’t like young people like me, go figure!!!!! I’m 37 and since I’m not a snow-bird, I don’t get the special treatment. I can’t wait to move from here. It’s really tough getting singled out just because you don’t fit the profile of what people want you to be. Trust me, it sux……

  14. Databrokers says:

    Last night while washing the RV and walking to the Dumpster to empty the trash. I heard something that I didn’t realize I was missing. It’s like a birdsong, one hears but then suddenly one realizes they haven’t been hearing that song in a while. It was the laughter of Children. Someones grandkids I suppose were visiting and were out playing besides someones RV. This park has a age stipulation, one must be 55 or older to stay here.

    I’ve stayed in a few parks, being I’m new to this full time RV-ing. The first one we stayed in was full of working class folks, with children. They were pipe-liners, welders, laborers, truck drivers, etc. The sound of children playing after school and before were always present.

    Other parks we have stayed in have been strangely quiet with the lack of children. Even living in North Pole, the sound of kids now and then were present around the neighborhood.

    This is the one change in our lives that has been a drawback. The distance we are from the grand children. I miss that laughter and noise that comes with children being present. Parks like this that only allow people of certain age to live but will tolerate children only as visitors are missing out in my opinion.

  15. Z from Chicago says:

    Sometimes, I would think, some people like to be with their peer groups. Some consider it restful. That’s why there are restaurants that have age restrictions and there are some resorts that are “adults only.” It may be strange to some who are used to being surrounded by children, but it’s good that there are facilities for those who want to get away from the kids for a while. I used to have two cats. One was about 5 years or so older than the other and would sometimes sigh and find a quiet spot when the younger one was being particularly rambuncious. The younger one would do things like sit on the edge of the dining room table and wait for the older to walk by then jump on her.

    But I agree. The sound of pets and children is life. When my mother was in the hospital she couldn’t wait to get home as she missed her grandkids squabbles and the sound of the dogs barking.

    Are you going to make it back to Alaska in the summer?

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