March 9 2010

Arizona Birds

Flicker, or WoodPecker?

03071002.jpg I think it’s some kind of flicker, can someone identify this bird?

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11 Responses to “Arizona Birds”

  1. Starzz says:

    Looks like a juvenile northern flicker.

  2. rolaids says:

    yeah, judging by the spotted breast, looks like flicker, agree

  3. Pootie says:

    Just curious…..what’s the concoction in the feeder?
    (Miss having you guys around!)

  4. Databrokers says:

    Hi Pootie, It’s a suet and seed cake. You can pick them up where ever they sell bird seed. Wally World is where I get them mostly. When are you guys buying your motor home so you can go with us 😉 ?

  5. Charles says:

    Well it don’t look like Woody Woodpecker to me so it must be a Flickr(tehe)

  6. Charles says: Bob I’m thinking it’s a Male Red Shafted Flicker take a look

  7. Tom from FL. says:

    I thing its a female flicker, it doesn’t have red on top of head or black collar.

  8. Jojo says:

    You all confuse me! 🙂 In Dutch, the word ‘flicker’ , written a bit differently but pronounced the same, is a very rude word for a homosexual man. (this is why my picture account is with Photobucket and not …


    all the best from Jojo

  9. Databrokers says:

    Got a note from Omegaone aka Chad, who thinks it’s Gilded Flicker… Colaptes chrysoides. He then passed along this little tidbit for everyone: You can find more info from here:

    Sorry Jojo, Americans are notorious for not paying attention to meanings of the English we use that may mean something else in other countries. I think it’s part of being the so called ugly American mystique we have. Plus, on the original post I misspelled Flicker by posting Flickr. Sorry, typo’s are my claim to fame.

  10. Z from Chicago says:

    Thanks, Bob, and Chad, for the link. It will be helpful.

  11. Leanna says:

    Its a Gila Woodpecker (female)

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