February 7 2010

Sunset in El Paso

Evening time

207105-1.jpgThe time of day that just doesn’t last, twilight.

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5 Responses to “Sunset in El Paso”

  1. Suzie says:

    Love the blazing orange color combined with the pewter clouds 😀

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  3. Charles says:

    Bob no wonder you like it so well in El Paso(other then all different types of food)the sunrise looked kinda spooky
    almost like fire but this sunset is very clamming & soothing to look at.clamming & soothing to the point it’d make an
    old dog kick back & chill his old arse out..

  4. Iwonami says:

    I am missing your camera from Alaska……

  5. littlesnow says:

    Beautiful & totally surreal.

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