January 30 2010

San Elizario Mission

The Bells of Mission San Elizario


Interior shots of the Mission







One Response to “San Elizario Mission”

  1. munford says:

    Gee, these old missions are beautiful, both inside and out. Just think of the history they have seen!! Thanks for the wonderful, beautiful picutures.
    Cold here, Bob. Met at friend for lunch at 12:30 and the temp was 24F. I know! That probably seems like summer to you and Deb, but it was cold for me. I actually wore 2 layered sweaters and a jacket!
    Cat and dog don’t like this cold weather. They are sticking to me today like magnets. I think they are stealing my body heat. Cat slept under the covers last night for the first time. We always turn the thermostat down at night while we sleep.

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