January 19 2010

Aztec Gold Sunrise

Sunrise over Mexico

AztecGold.jpgThe sunrise and sunsets are awesome here in the desert of West Texas.  I think it has something to do with the wide open spaces and sky.  The color is special that time of the morning or late evening.

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3 Responses to “Aztec Gold Sunrise”

  1. Jojo says:

    Hello Bob,
    You may not see much of me, but I keep track of you 😉
    What a stunning pictures you made the last few days, I can only imagine how impressive the skies must look when you are under them! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Charles says:

    What a beautiful view.Bob ideal look for some rivers-streams & lets see if Ucan is giving any canoe trips(hehe)but till then keep posting those beautiful sunrises & sunsets

  3. littlesnow says:

    Looks like the sunrise is just as beautiful as the sunsets.

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