January 16 2010

Odd Helicopter

Odd Boom on Helicopter

6079.jpgOdd looking boom on this bird.  I think they were searching for unexploded ordnance  on a old impact area of Fort Bliss


2 Responses to “Odd Helicopter”

  1. Charles says:

    Looking for unexploded ordance or is the boom used for crop dusting ? either way I think it would make a new means of transportain for Santa hehe

  2. munford says:

    Your breakfast sure sounded delicious. Scrambled eggs are about my favorite food and I usually always eat raisin cinnamon toast or bagels. Now that is gooooooood eating! That is good for breakfast, lunch or supper.
    Don’t know what to think about this helicopter…. scary to think there are still explosives out there. Never seen a helicopter that looked like this. Lots of military copters in my area!

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