January 12 2010

Spring Time in Alaska

Johnny Horten

When I was a kid this song came out, we were living in Fairbanks.  I posted this because it’s -40 or colder in North Pole tonight.


3 Responses to “Spring Time in Alaska”

  1. munford says:

    Beautiful pictures. -40 is so hard to imagine. It was so cold here this past week in the teens and twenties with wind chills from -5 to +5. It really kept me in the house except for going to school each day. Hubby stayed in except to get the mail and the morning newspaper and had cabin fever before it got up above freezing over the weekend.
    Just think last year your temperatures were -80!!! Good Grief! I bet a lot of the Alaskan wildlife didn’t make it through the winter at those temperatures.
    Thanks for another video/song to bookmark!

  2. BruceB says:

    I sure hope little Bubba and friends are doing okay back at the Old Permafrost Ranch.

  3. Databrokers says:

    Your not the only one wishing and hoping that they are okay. I think about them all the time. Them and our kids. I wish them all well, but my time was up in North Pole. It was time to expand my horizon and do other things. We only live once and have one go around on this old turtle island. It’s time for me to do what I’m doing in other words.


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