January 11 2010

White Wing Doves

White Wing Doves of El Paso

0704.jpg I’ve never really noticed the eye color until I took this photo recently.  I’ve also noticed here in El Paso, that the pidgins are the fattest ones I’ve ever seen.  You can sure tell they are not underfed around this town.


2 Responses to “White Wing Doves”

  1. gknee says:

    I love dove faces! Beautiful 🙂

  2. munford says:

    These are the kind I feed daily. I have a huge flock of them that come to eat. They are beautiful birds and so trusting. Kitty Teddy loves them too. He presses his face to the window and watches until they take off. When they take off together the noise is really loud…..it is a big wooshing sound of their wings flapping together. They all get together in the closest tree limbs to the house and tell me to get my butt out there when they are hungry. I swear they are there at daybreak on most mornings, but they feed several times a day usually. Sometimes they stay on the ground under and around the classic cars my hubby restores in back. Strange that every now and then there will be a day I will not see them, but they have always been here again the next. One of them that feeds here is really plump. Her belly even drags. I call her grumpy grandma because she does hog the feed and pecks at others who come too close. I really think she is an older bird, but I could be wrong.
    Aren’t they absolutely beautiful?

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