January 10 2010

Pancho was a Bandit boy

Willie and Merle

I can’t help myself, El Paso always reminds me of certain songs.  I just thought I would share.


2 Responses to “Pancho was a Bandit boy”

  1. munford says:

    Absolutely one on my very favorites by Willie. There are some Willie songs that I just love. Have all his CD’s. Had some of his records but I had to modernize and get them on CD’s. Like to go see him when he is at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth. Thanks for posting this video. Never had seen the video before, but I have backtracked many times on my CD player to hear this song again and again.
    Another one of his favorites of mine is Seven Spanish Angels-Willie and Ray Charles!

  2. jack says:

    yeah! Two american poets!

    Willie’s song seven Spanish angels ( i think) ALWAYS stops me in my tracks….esp the version with Ray Charles.
    We soon moving out of this million$$ house-in Feb( we rent), as the entire area is empty (abandoned “flip” houses)>
    and finding a smaller place to rent in Yucca Valley.
    same phone, internet etc.
    jack & (my) Debbbye

    munford I c we agree!

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