January 3 2010

What do you see

Looking into the Coals

5979.jpg How many thousands of years has mankind looked into the coals of the fire, to see what he could see.


6 Responses to “What do you see”

  1. Charles says:

    While looking at this picture I can’t help but wonder:Bob are you having to revert back to the good old days @ the Perma Frost Ranch & burn wood in order to stay warm ?

  2. Databrokers says:

    Actually Charles, we were burning some old dead cow on the grill and afterwards, we threw some Cedar and Oak in the pit and was just sitting around the fire. Sipping on some very old smooth whiskey and talking trash. 🙂

  3. pipper says:

    wolf….and a horsey…did i win lol but thats what i c, hi bob

  4. Charles says:

    well the dead cow is GONE because you was there but is there any old smooth whiskey left ? I like whiskey & I can talk trash.

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    That might be the best picture of burning coals I’ve ever seen. Excellent.

  6. B. Cook says:

    After fifteen winters in nenana and fifteen winters in Wasilla I escaped,there’s a bunch of good people I miss.

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