December 28 2009

Palm Trees & Ice

Winter  Wonderland in the Land of Palm Trees

5876.jpg Winter Wonderland in Texas on Christmas Day


5 Responses to “Palm Trees & Ice”

  1. Charles says:

    What a pretty site icicles in Texas tehe.Bob did that bring back the good old days @ the perma frost ranch ?
    Snow & Ice

  2. munford says:

    My hubby doesn’t like this cold weather at all. He thinks Bob brought it with him when he came. He says the cold is following Bob even into Texas.
    Did you have anything to do with that snow we had Christmas, Bob? Do you have anything to do with the snow we are supposed to get on Tuesday afternoon (tomorrow)?
    Did you miss the snow so much that you piled it in your sleigh and brought it from the North Pole?
    Take care and stay warm!

  3. Databrokers says:

    Santa didn’t know that Jack Frost hitched a ride and came along with him when we drove down from the North Pole. I suppose he wanted to see for himself just what Texas hospitality was all about.

  4. jack says:

    i blame bob and Debbye, AND those wiener dogs!)after being charged with every snow flake since i left alaska, 97– yes ALL the cold weather is their fault…
    hee hee hee hee

  5. Jean McD says:

    Yes, it’s all Bob’s fault. Every time I post pretty pictures of winter in Fairbanks he writes some smug thing about how wonderful and warm it is and how much he is glad he left Alaska. Which is fine but I think he’s jinxing himself and everyone around him! Tell you what, I’m glad you are happy but you can keep those cucarachas! I don’t miss those guys at all! And don’t EVEN think about palmetto bugs! ::shudder:: And then there are rattle snakes and tornadoes…nope… I am glad *I* still live in Alaska! 😛 😉 Deb, get a suntan for me! 😀

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