December 26 2009

Dove of Peace

May the Dove of Peace Touch Your Soul

0609.jpg What a beauty of Nature.


5 Responses to “Dove of Peace”

  1. Jojo says:

    It’s lovely – thank you.

  2. Charles says:

    Is it just my way of thinking or does it appear Bob likes birds ? none the less its a pretty & fat bird

  3. munford says:

    My squirrels haven’t returned yet although I saw 2 today. One in the tree and another on the fence. Haven’t seen any on the feeder, but lots of birds are eating from it. I really have a flock of beautiful white tipped wing doves that eat here 3 to 4 times each day. Kitty loves to watch them from the French doors and tries his best to chirp like a bird. I keep telling myself to put the critter food out daily and those darn squirrels will come back. I hate it that those neighbor’s dogs were here just long enough to run them off by their loud barking and really hitting the fence hard. Glad they got evicted so perhaps all my critters will return. Neighbors to both sides of them have small children that play in their backyards and they constantly turned them in. (They did have “Beware of Dogs” signs up.) We will probably end up having to replace the back of our stockade fence they pushed on it and hit it so many times that it isn’t too sturdy any more. Hubby has tried to do some repair work on it. It is secure enough now our puppy can’t get out. I was so afraid they were going to knock that fence down and get my poodle and me too because I always went out with her due to those mean dogs. I am just hoping now that 2010 will bring my squirrels back.
    The dove in your picture is beautiful. I have just a few ringed neck doves. Does this one have a ring on his neck or is that just the way the light is hitting his feathers? Do you know that Petsmart here is selling Doves in pairs? Beautiful doves and different kinds, too, but they all make the cooing sounds. I love the cooing of Doves and all the doves are so beautiful no matter what kind they are. They are such trusting birds!

  4. gknee says:

    I love doves! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. littlesnow says:

    Once again…beautiful!

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